Re: [Harp-L] OK, breaking down and buying a chromatic. Little help???

There are others on this list who have a wider experience in the various brands available ( I always buy Hohner just to keep things simple) But I share your frustration when it comes to those old standards.
I'd start with a C chromatic, but the reason they make them in different keys (despite their fully chromatic potential) is the same reason they make diatonics (not to mention saxophones and a few other instruments) in different keys: some players prefer certain keys (or 'positions' if you like) for certain tunes or types of music. A lot of people who play chrom play in 'C' (or first position' ) only.
Explore the 12 positions on the chromatic, and you'll work out from that if you need another keyed harp to allow you to play in the 'position' of you choice whilst still in the correct key.

Good luck!

>>> Michael Meehan <mikemeehan2002@xxxxxxxxx> 25/11/2008 11:26 >>>
OK, I can't put it off any longer. Struggling to play certain songs in my band's list with my diatonic harps (we play 20's and 30's jazz/pop/standards stuff. Kind of jug band style) so am going to bite the bullet and try to learn a chromatic. I don't know anything about them, though. I am not a pro, and don't have a billion songs in my repertoire, so what do I really need? Just one? I know they sell them in different keys, but I don't understand why. 
  Also, what would be a decent one to get? I can't afford a REALLY pricey one, but I don't mind dishin' out a little cash to make sure I get one that does not sound like garbage. 

  BTW, you all are a wonderful resource, and I can't thank you enough for the guidance I have received in the past. 
  Regards, Mike

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