[Harp-L] OK, breaking down and buying a chromatic. Little help???

OK, I can't put it off any longer. Struggling to play certain songs in my band's list with my diatonic harps (we play 20's and 30's jazz/pop/standards stuff. Kind of jug band style) so am going to bite the bullet and try to learn a chromatic. I don't know anything about them, though. I am not a pro, and don't have a billion songs in my repertoire, so what do I really need? Just one? I know they sell them in different keys, but I don't understand why. 
  Also, what would be a decent one to get? I can't afford a REALLY pricey one, but I don't mind dishin' out a little cash to make sure I get one that does not sound like garbage. 

  BTW, you all are a wonderful resource, and I can't thank you enough for the guidance I have received in the past. 
  Regards, Mike


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