Re: Subject: Re: [Harp-L] Reality check?

FWIW there were more that the 3 people there at the beginning of the night.
It was the day before Halloween and I suspect many were out buying candy and
costumes at the last minute. Jason had a cool Halloween shirt though.
It wasn't any Thursday, it was the night before a holiday. And if you want to build
an ongoing audience, you gotta "live it to give it" as Rock Bottom used to sing.

Judging by the download count of 269 downloads thus far of my recording of the
show with no advertising, Jason is definitely not devoid of fans despite how many were
there that night.

Want to hear the show:
The band brought it even with a nearly empty room.


At 01:22 PM 11/24/2008, EGS1217@xxxxxxx wrote:
"for example, a poster revued the Jason  Ricci
gig on a Thur night  at a blues club in Jacksonville that drew a crowd of
4 people.  Certainly if this is being duplicated across the country, there
will  be a lot less paying gigs for these artists as the club owner will
total up cost paid for entertainment (usually a minimum of $100/man for
acts) minus the 4 paying customers (ticket at the door and/or  drinks/food
consumed) equals big loss in revenue for the  night.

As to on line lessons, telephone lessons, customized work, I've  found that,
while you may pick up some new students via the internet  or customizing
it  doesn't sustain itself (new students taking a  lesson or two and then
vanishing -  custom harmonica ordered but not  constantly renewable orders
from each individual)."

I happened to speak with Jason about that particular gig and it was the
exception rather than the rule. Guano happens. Gigging bands deal with an
aberration like it, especially a band playing more than 300+ gigs a year. Don't
extrapolate that one gig as if it was typical of JR&NB's audiences and gigs. It
isn't. The band hasn't been back to the NY area in a while..when they do, I
guarantee they'll have a full house..their fans and friends can't wait to see
them again.

As well, the bidding war sale of Jason Ricci's customized harps online
recently seems a clear indication that he (as well as the other new-to-the-market
customizers) have a real and ongoing market for their wares. Some of his
harps were bought by the same purchaser. So much for "non renewable orders from
each individual'. With the recent reviews, I'm personally intrigued by and
most likely will order Chris Michalek's customized harps (that's plural).

For those interested, Jason's in the Netherlands for his  tour with
Walter Trout..and taking a well-deserved brief few days  vacation in


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