Re: [Harp-L] Reality check?

I say Rock On Rob. I know  this has been tossed around here a lot but I just 
gotta say it. My first paying  gig was in 1969 when I was 12 years old. I got 
20 bucks for the night. I did a  coffee house gig as a duo last year and  
bucks for the night. Bar owners and people who book bands know quite well that 
 we as musicians don't make enough to live most of the time. They take 
advantage  of the fact that we love what we do. I have had times where I played for 
a  living. Put diapers on my son and ate peanut butter. I myself don't play 
for  free very often now, but I don't play very often either. I'm semi retired 
and my  son is a grown man so I don't have to worry about money as much. I feel 
sorry  for the kids who are trying to make these days.
             BiscuitBoy Blues 
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IcemanLE@xxxxxxx writes:

So, here  we are on a harmonica list, 2000 strong, debating what we like and  
what we don't. However, who is doing well in the real world pursuing music  - 
with or without the harmonica - beyond a hobby? Rob P is gigging  steadily  
(perhaps not as steadily as before) because he was well  entrenched for years 
the scene and works a lot of reunion type  shows of already established music 
(ie  - BS&T and maybe Blues  Bros type shows).

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