Re: [Harp-L] Danelectro Effects Pedal Board for Harp

Thanks to Brian for the link to From there I followed links to the various makers of multi tap higher amperage dc power supplies. I had bought the Lone Wolf Tone Plus but since we were off all summer I hadn't bothered to scare up a power supply to run it. Not wanting to get into the 9 volt habit I have yet to hear the Tone Plus. Silly me and of course I just now ordered the Lone Wolf octave pedal. There are some very nice clips of Stephen Schneider playing that pedal, they're scattered around in various places on the web. What has me intrigued is the compression and the raising of the feedback threshold. The ability to daisy chain the power will be nice. I ended up buying a Powerall at Musician's Friend. Their website annoyed the heck out of me. No way to order the power supply and NOT set up an account. That's exactly what I need, another one time password to scribble down somewhere then lose. I ended up just calling them. You've got to love a company that tries to sell you 3 tiers of upgraded warranty. The best most priciest being Gold premium. So how is that better than the lifetime warranty the manufacturer is offering? I liked the nyc offerings. I think I might just buy the smallest unit eventually. I've bounced my poor Alesis Midiverb around loose in a milk crate for 15 years now. Now that I have ordered my octave pedal everyone else can go take a listen,
Really an interesting site and worth spending some time looking around in all the various corners if this stuff at all intrigues you. The clips of the Epiphone Valve Jr half stack with the Tone Plus are what convinced me to try one. fjm

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