[Harp-L] Re: V-machine

Very cool !  Thanks for the heads up Richard.  According to the
manufacturer video on their website the V-Pedal should be out soon at
about $1800 USD.  IMO the pedal is the way to go.  The V-Machine is
geared more to playback (keyboard players would love the v machine)
and doesn't have the audio input processing capability that one would
want for plugging in mics, guitars and such.  Also check out Muse
Research Receptor.  That is very similar to a V Machine with some more
audio processing capability.  http://www.museresearch.com/receptor.php

On Nov 20, 7:12 pm, Richard Hunter <turtleh...@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Yup.  
> However, it appears I got the price wrong.  Street price is $600.  
> The same manufacturer also has a product in development that's set up like an amp modeler with a footpedal and footswitches. Price and date of availability unknown.
> Thanks, RH
> Bradford Trainham wrote:
> >So you install the plug-ins, and you work independently of the computer?
> >Brad Trainham
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