[Harp-L] Brad Harrison won big for the harmonica

Hi all, just wanted to pass this news along.  Whether you like Brad or other customizers in general, this is a big win for the harmonica.  He pitched his idea to people who had no interest in music or the harmonica in general, and convinced them that they could make money on his ideas.  He competed against inventors of products in the medical field and airport security and took first place.  Here is the message forwarded from his e-mail list:

Dear Friends,
Harrison Harmonicas LLC. won 1st place in the "Innovate Illinois" contest yesterday. Despite the tough competition and the news that Brads brother had passed away unexpectedly Monday night the day before the competition, Brad stayed focused at the task at hand and won the competition.
The competition started August 2008 with over 130 Innovative Companies. The finals were held yesterday with the 6  finalist to give a timed 5 minute speach discribing there product or service.
For the full artical follow the links below. Or open the attachment to see the photo!
The complete article can be viewed at:
http://www.chicagotribune.com/business/chi-mon-minding-startups-contestnov17,0,1767686.story This is a two page artical.

Thank you all for your support,
312-590-0527 Brad Direct



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