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Hi All

As long as Jonathan is continuing this debate, Dave is likely to respond. So for Dave, I have a question that's been nagging me - don't know exactly why, but here goes.
Who were the "Seydel employees of old" who "never called it Richter ..."?
Sorry, didn't mean to disrupt the flow. BTW, I do think these debates belong onlist. If someone can post something just to 'get it in the archive' without critical response, then the Archives (our history, in a sense) is corrupted.

Staggerin' Jim
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Back 'on the air' after critical analysis

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First, it is my policy to not discuss on-list subjects off-list.  I
do this because I joined this list to talk about this subjects in a
forum where as many people as want can add to the discussion and
hopefully help create a lively conversation.


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