[Harp-L] re: history

First, it is my policy to not discuss on-list subjects off-list. I do this because I joined this list to talk about this subjects in a forum where as many people as want can add to the discussion and hopefully help create a lively conversation.

Second, let's make the leap and assume that you are telling the truth, that you have known for some time that the story of an inventor named Richter is rather questionable. Then please explain why you wrote the sentence with which I originally took issue:

"I've heard folks say he invented the Richter, but it was probably his brother Joseph. "

If you knew that there is little evidence to support the claim of someone named Richter inventing the standard 10-hole diatonic, then why did you write the above? And if you were simply mis-writing, misstating or misunderstood, why didn't you just say that in the first place?

This isn't high-school debating skills, this isn't bullying, it's talking about on-topic question on a discussion forum: the history of the harmonica, its practice and presentation, the credibility of claims on such and the credibility of the claimants.

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