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Hi All,

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I simply cannot get enough of "The Harmonica According
to Charlie Musselwhite". To me, it is the cleanest, tightest sound I have
ever heard come out of a harmonica. That's just my opinion mind you. To
those of you who have a more refined ear, am I wrong? I am curious about why
he doesn't get more play, conversationally speaking. I see his name
mentioned in passing, almost as an afterthought, but rarely do I see the
kind of praise for his music like I see regarding others. It seems to me
that he might be, dare I say, persona non grata for some unknown reason. Am
I wrong? Just curious.

While I have often said that I never heard any harp recordings until I had been playing harp for 20 years, someone bought me a recording of Charlie Musselwhite's "The Harmonica According to Charlie Musselwhite" when I was in college. I have been salivating over this recording for more than 20 years hence. It is truly one of the greatest recordings of all time - and I am a chromatic guy ;-).

The reason you don't hear that much about Charlie on this list is because the is no argument there! Everyone knows he is incredible. Also, he really does get mentioned, with great reverence, all the time in passing. He is always close in our hearts.

One interesting note about this album is that you would be surprised how little an effect gear had to do with it. When you are sitting in a room with Charlie and he pulls out his harp he sounds just like that. It's not that there isn't a difference, rather that the difference is smaller than you could possibly imagine. When Charlie plays a note in front of you, your spine starts to shiver!!


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