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I'm curious about something.


About 3 months ago, my passion for the harp was rekindled and as a result of
doing some basic research in the Internet, it has been fanned into a white
hot enthusiasm culminating in a significant investment in harp gear, books
and music.  Seems that all I listen to now is harp music.  I have recordings
of some of the greats, including but not limited to Big and Little Walter,
Little Sonny, Mark Hummel, Sonny Boy Williamson, Steve Baker, Rod Piazza,
Richard Hunter, Deford Baily, Harmonica Shah, Lazy Lester, Blind Boy Fuller,
Buddy Greene, Carry Bell, Jimmy Reed, Paul Butterfield and a plethora of
other artists that I have been turned onto by readers of this list.
However, in my opinion, the best recordings I have heard were made by
Charlie Musselwhite.  I simply cannot get enough of "The Harmonica According
to Charlie Musselwhite".  To me, it is the cleanest, tightest sound I have
ever heard come out of a harmonica.  That's just my opinion mind you.  To
those of you who have a more refined ear, am I wrong? I am curious about why
he doesn't get more play, conversationally speaking.  I see his name
mentioned in passing, almost as an afterthought, but rarely do I see the
kind of praise for his music like I see regarding others. It seems to me
that he might be, dare I say, persona non grata for some unknown reason.  Am
I wrong?  Just curious.  Not looking to stir up any trouble.  


Tom Halchak

Clearwater, FL 


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