RE: [Harp-L] Re: Pat Ramsey

fjm wrote: "Anybody of a certain age played that version of Honest I do
over and over again."

My wife and I live in Tallahassee. Pat's son Clyde is a great friend of
mine, as was his dad.

My wife and I owned a pastry shop for years and we made the cake for
Clyde and Carly's wedding. Pat and his guitarist came to the wedding and
played "Honest I Do". Just Pat, his harp and that National guitar under
the gazebo on a beautiful day in a shady park surrounded by flowers,
friends and love.

Of all the times I have ever heard that song, I finally "heard" it that

That's how I will always remember Pat Ramsey and Honest I Do.

John Balding
Tallahassee, FL

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