[Harp-L] Re: Pat Ramsey

dang! Pat Ramsey is gone! one of my top 3 or 4 alltime favorite harp players...he was a monster harp player on so many levels.. technical excecution, fabulous incisive rock/blues tone, originality, distinctiveness and just pleasing to the ears and the sensibilities always which to me is the (rare) mark of a true professional level harmonica player. many years ago (70's) while in my blues band in madison,wisconsin we did a number of johnny winter songs off ( i believe) red, hot and blue. on that album pat ramsey did a 2 verse solo on Honest I Do , first position on an A-harp, then switches to 2nd position on a D-harp and just knocks you on your ass with the harp change which basically takes on an abrupt amplified-style no apologies rock harp approach upon switching from 1st to 2nd position with one of those classic pat ramsey riffs that sound so simple but are deceptively clever . he was a monster so way way above the others. r.i.p.

cletus white

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