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If anyone reading this has never heard Pat Ramsey's playing on Johnny
Winter's "Red Hot and Blue" album.....shame on you.

Cletus mentioned Ramsey's playing on "Honest I Do". Just listen to the first
notes on that song. The tone that Pat has on that song is clean, pure, and
soooooo warm... even on the 7-10 blows.

 There is a lightning fast run on "Last Night" that still pops my ears today
(at this very moment as a matter of fact) and slaps Popper down almost
twenty years prior.

And Johnny must have known it too since he (to my knowledge) never gave
anyone as much presence on his albums as Pat had on that album (OK, maybe
Johnny's brother Edgar, but that's family so it jez don' count).

The top three albums that turned me from a rock drumming teenager to blues
harper were Big Walter "Fine Cuts", Magic Dick on J Geils "Full House", and
Pat Ramsey on "Red Hot & Blue".

I consider Pat Ramsey one of the true greats, and I'll miss him.

On Mon, Nov 17, 2008 at 8:58 PM, <jaguire@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> dang!  Pat Ramsey is gone! one of my top 3 or 4 alltime favorite harp
> players...he was a monster harp player on so many levels.. technical
> excecution, fabulous incisive rock/blues tone, originality, distinctiveness
> and just pleasing to the ears and the sensibilities always which to me is
> the10 (rare) mark of a true professional level harmonica player.  many years
> ago (70's) while in my blues band in madison,wisconsin we did a number of
> johnny winter songs off ( i believe) red, hot and blue. on that album pat
> ramsey did a 2 verse solo on Honest I Do , first position on an A-harp, then
> switches to 2nd position on a D-harp and just knocks you on your ass with
> the harp change which basically takes on an abrupt amplified-style no
> apologies rock harp approach upon switching from 1st to 2nd position with
> one of those classic pat ramsey riffs that sound so simple but are
> deceptively clever .    he was a monster so way way above the others. r.i.p.
> cletus white
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