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"My mom"  ??? Hey Josh...I thought you was an Aussie...!?

>>> "Joy" <joyking1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> 18/11/2008 2:58 >>>
Hi Mr. Diggs,

Thanks.  I hope I can too.  I'm working on it.
I try to teach my friends when I can.  They want to play like me but have
trouble doing that and give up fast.  But they can play other instruments
very good like piano and violin.  My mom and I have some ideas about it.
Some came from things that happened to me.  And some from what I see. 
I am working on ideas and a plan and people are helping me on it.  It takes
time and a lot of work.  I would love to tell you all about them and what I
am doing about it.  Music is meant to be shared. The harmonica is the
ultimate take along instrument.  (And airport security thought I had a case
full of pocket knives the other day. We almost missed the plane.)
I am taking care of my GG right now and will mail back everyone when I get
home and have more time.  I play hymns for her very softly on the harmonica.
She likes that.



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What josh is doing is great. I hope he becomes a great
player some day.

When you look at other instruments there are so many 
kids that can play that well at that age. The question is
why not more harmonica players?
That is were we are lacking. We need more recognition
in schools and any place they teach other instruments.


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