[Harp-L] Re: Upright Bass Simulator

This question comes up quite a bit on acoustic guitar and bluegrass e-mail lists. I've used nylon strings on an electric bass to get a chunkier, thunkier more acoustic sound. If you are playing with acoustic folks, you can also face your amp speaker at a wall or corner of a room so that the sound comes off the wall, so to speak, instead direct from the amp. 

I confess, however, that the electric basses I have used nylon strings on were both hollow-body models similar to the Lucille-style ES335 electric guitars. Don't really know if the nylons work as well on a solid-body bass. And yes, the fretless models sound more acoustic than the fretted basses.

Harp content: All my harps prefer that acoustic bass sound!

Hope this helps,
Bob Loomis
Concord CA


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