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Robot chicken over. I shall proceed:

Jon says

>Deal with the issues I raise, not me personally.  If you are  
>incapable of the former, that really isn't my problem.

Of course, that's understandable it is not, how I respond should be prioritized to the bottom of your list. 

> Similarly those who jump to conclusions, can  
>be shown to be wrong by their own writing and fail to grasp basic  
>issues I find lack credibility.  Those who never deal with direct  
>questions very quickly loose my respect

>History as a political tool is a strong force, especially when most  
>people want to believe it.  In a case like this, it helped feed into  
>the force of nationalism...  It is significant  
>that well into the end of the 20th century most people in the field  
>would probably not have questioned the Bauschman-Richter-Hohner line  
> of harmonica history, in Germany and elsewhere.
Who's Bauschman?
Again, Haida (thus our legendary Richters) was in the Austro-Hungarian Empire, not Germany, but you have loosed no respect from me because of, even though I didn't have to google it.
 If you are correct, perhaps this was an attempt by German Harmonica makers to strengthen the Austrian and Hungarian monarchies as an Eastern-Front bulwark for when war broke out in 1914 with Russia. 
I know I must back up my claims to unloose your respect I have loosed. Thus, I present the following evidence Bohemia was a part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and not part of Germany. 
First, a map of Bohemia . Haida appears as "Hayd" I'm gonna have to loose your respect on that portion. Unfortunately, I don't have time to document that this evening, yet another manifestation of my sloppy research. 
>From the Federation of East European Family History Societies Map of Bohemia
Now, all this map proves is that Hayd is in Bohemia, but I think you are aware that Haida is in Bohemia. IF you are able to make that connection, that will make my documentation easier.
The following map, also from the FEEFHS, includes Bohemia along with other states in the AH empire. This view of the map does not specifically name the state of Bohemia, that part is off map. However, you will see it included as a state and you should be able to compare the two maps to locate Bohemia by its towns.

All I do now researchwise is preparation, preparation for when I return to Europe to talk to old people who worked in the factories in the 40s and 50s. I don't know when that will be, since there are no harmonica research fairies who whisk Americans across the sea. But that's what needs to happen. 

I'm used to writing in Associated-Press style (thus the previous hyphen). BUT, if I am going to be serious about posting history on Harp-L, I must start using the Chicago Manual of Style again. Anybody know how to do footnotes on Harp-L? 

Dave Payne Sr. 
Elk River Harmonicas 
Dave Payne Sr. 
Elk River Harmonicas 

That is the point I was trying to make.  There can be no definitive  
statements made, and so when they are made, especially when made as  
if they are known and by someone who wishes to be seen as a serious  
researcher, that is a significant error.  In areas like early  
harmonica history where most things are unknown, then that is how  
they should be presented.

"But you're saying that anything a German wrote about Germany was  
automatically accepted by all Germans. In other words there were no  
Germans who took these writings with a large grain of salt. In other  
words millions of Germans were oblivious to wool being pulled over  
their eyes."

"What I'm seeing here is that you tend to give some people  
credibility while others are left wanting."

Credibility is either earned or lost.  I find those credible who can  
back up their claims.  Similarly those who jump to conclusions, can  
be shown to be wrong by their own writing and fail to grasp basic  
issues I find lack credibility.  Those who never deal with direct  
questions very quickly loose my respect.  Those who avoid the issues  
raised and attack the individual have no credibility.

  ()()    JR "Bulldogge" Ross
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