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Many thanks to you both for these validations. As always, if you've ever been an Amazon customer, you can post user reviews there, which can greatly help to spread the word.


Winslow Yerxa

Author, Harmonica For Dummies ISBN 978-0-470-33729-5

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Right ON, David! 

Winslow has come forward with a great work, and I can't think of anyone who
could have pulled this off with more authority or aplomb. 

Harpin' in Colorado,
--Ken M. 

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Hello harmonica friends,
I recently picked up a copy of Harmonica For Dummies at a major national
bookstore.  At first glance it appears that Winslow Yerxa has compiled the
first encyclopedic book on the Diatonic harmonica.  I realize that nothing is
perfect, however HFD is a fantastic work in its content, layout, and
understandability for any level of player.  Also, I believe that due to the
positive reputation and massive distribution of the "Dummies" series
of books we may see our humble instrument introduced to millions of new
players!  This could result in more players seeking instruction, increased
harmonica sales, more live performances, higher CD/download sales, and a greater
appreciation for the instrument. Hats off to Winslow Yerxa for his brilliant new
book and thanks for doing all the hard work on this fine new publication.

David Berntson
Crossroads Learning Experience
(918) 381-8999
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Harp-L is sponsored by SPAH,

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