RE: [Harp-L] Josh King is like eight years old?


This is Joshua's mom.  First, he wants to say thank you for the
encouragement.  He's too busy eating at the moment.  It's been a long day
for him.  It takes him a very long time to type and edit messages.  Then he
has me read them.  He constantly corrects my typing, so I told him to type
it himself.  I also screen ALL the messages on Harp-L before I let him read
them. He got all in a huff over on of the Veteran's Day message.  He's a
very patriotic kid.  lol

Joshua spends a good portion of his day around adults.  He's homeschooled
and he works in the city.  He's in a business where he is often in front of
a camera or in a recording or film studio.  He's always talking with and
surrounded by adults.  It's a challenge to get him around kids his age with
his schedule but he does have some good friends to keep him grounded.  He's
surrounded by good people and people who believe in him.  It's a start.

Music goes with him EVERYWHERE with those harmonicas.  He's worked out a
number of techniques walking up and down the sidewalks.  He loves playing
with other musicians and that only serves to fuel his desires to get better.

Here's a true story:  At one recent audition a receptionist was fumbling
with the stereo trying to turn it down.  She kept saying "This song wasn't
on here before.  What's wrong with this thing?"  She took out the CD,
flipped it over, turned the stereo on and off and was totally dumbfounded as
to why the thing was not working. It was Joshua playing his harmonica
perfectly with a beautiful tone in the studio next door!  When the place
erupted into applause, she was totally embarrassed.  His sister loves to
tell that story.  

My favorite video is the one "Amazing Grace for GG" when he changes the tune
to a bluesy feel.  It came from his heart.  He's been playing it for her
over the phone as she lies in her hospital bed.  It comforts her.  We set up
that video hoping the folks at the hospital could show it too her on a
wireless laptop.  He has been asking everyone to pray for her.  

The other is one of a composition he is working on.  Yes, he's starting to
compose his own music. Wynton Marsalis talked about that today and Josh
exclaimed "That's exactly how I'm doing it!  I'm doing it right!"

Thanks for all the help you give him.  He truly appreciates it.  He sleeps
with that harmonica sometimes.  He lays there in bed softly playing
tunes...kind of like the Alvin and the Chipmunks video.  And, this
afternoon, while stuck in traffic, he started playing that B minor harmonica
in the major scale with his other songs.  He thought that was "so cool!"
Without Harp-L, he might not be doing that.

Joy King

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Josh King, you are, what, eight years old? You express yourself so well, I
had assumed you were a well-mannered adult from reading your posts, but I
see you are instead a respectful kid. You by the way, are playing better
than Jason Ricci was in high school, you've got a good head start. 
I started playing when I was five. Funny, when I was eight, I was playing
harmonica with my nose, just like I saw you doing on one of you videos. I
got over it eventually.

Y'all should check these out and it should be a lesson for all of us to
remain civil on this board. You don't always know who the other guy is, I
had no clue I was reading the posts of an eight year old until I watched the

Amazing Grace by the stained-glass window
Low Rider

Josh, your Marines Hymn was the one that impressed me the most, with the
chords you've got going on. That's the kind of stuff I was doing at your

Dave Payne Sr. 
Elk River Harmonicas 

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I liked it.  Thanks.

I have one national anthem, Marine song and president song on youtube.  I
still have to work on the marine one and add army, navy and air force songs.


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Again thanks. Below is the Veterans Day video I made with Gwen Foster (w/
Carolina Twins) doing "It's On to War I'm Going" for the backing track.
Dave Payne Sr. 
Elk River Harmonicas 

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