[Harp-L] Josh King is like eight years old?

Josh King, you are, what, eight years old? You express yourself so well, I had assumed you were a well-mannered adult from reading your posts, but I see you are instead a respectful kid. You by the way, are playing better than Jason Ricci was in high school, you've got a good head start. 
I started playing when I was five. Funny, when I was eight, I was playing harmonica with my nose, just like I saw you doing on one of you videos. I got over it eventually.

Y'all should check these out and it should be a lesson for all of us to remain civil on this board. You don't always know who the other guy is, I had no clue I was reading the posts of an eight year old until I watched the vids.

Amazing Grace by the stained-glass window
Low Rider

Josh, your Marines Hymn was the one that impressed me the most, with the chords you've got going on. That's the kind of stuff I was doing at your age.

Dave Payne Sr. 
Elk River Harmonicas

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I liked it.  Thanks.

I have one national anthem, Marine song and president song on youtube.  I
still have to work on the marine one and add army, navy and air force songs.



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Again thanks. Below is the Veterans Day video I made with Gwen Foster (w/
Carolina Twins) doing "It's On to War I'm Going" for the backing track.
Dave Payne Sr. 
Elk River Harmonicas

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