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Mr. Rubin,

Thanks.  I printed this out and put it in my notebook with the rest of the

Josh King

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Dorian scale is the major scale with a flat 3rd and 7th.  So a B
natural minor harp would start with E on 1 and 4 blow.  The first
octave would take some bending to produce a full dorian scale, but the
second octave should be E F# G A B C# D E
if you played 4blow, 4 draw, 5 blow, 5 draw, 6 blow, 6 draw, 7 draw, 7 blow.
So if you are playing melodies that return to 1, 4, 7 and 10 blow,
that is using the E dorian scale.  If you play melodies that return to
2 draw, 3,6or 9 blow, you are using the B natural minor scale, B C# D
E F# G A B.  As you can see, they are the same scale, just starting on
different notes.  They are modes of one another.
Michael Rubin

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