Re: [Harp-L] B Minor harp songs

If I understand your tuning correctly, it would create an E dorian
scale from 4 to 7 blow, not harmonic minor.  Also, yes the Lee Oskar
natural minor is labelled by the cross harp key, but the Lee Oskar
Harmonic minor is tuned to the straight harp key.  The original poster
did not define which type of Lee Oskar minor harp he purchased.
Michael Rubin

On 11/12/08, cscharp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx <cscharp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Josh, I love minor harps, and Minor songs.  Here are a few of the songs I play in minor:
> The thrill is gone
> Saint James Infirmary
> Unchain my Heart
> Sixteen tons
> Summertime
> Cold Shot
> There are many more, and I think that would be an interesting topic of discussion.  I have been thinkng of doing a gig with nothing but minor tunes.  Of course, it might get too mellow.  How about some imput on the people.
> You do know, however that your B minor Lee Oscar is really a E minor.  They just label it is 2nd postion. which sometimes screws me up, I now make all my minors from standard left over harps.  It involves retuning 5 reeds.  If you flatten 2, 5, and 8 blow and 3 and 7 draw, all 1/2 step, the voila, you have a natural minor harp.  I think it is a harmonic in first position though.  I am not an expert on music theory. I have at least one harp in each key tuned to minor.
> Harvey Berman
> Josh King said:
> Hi guys,
> I blew my birthday money on my first Lee Oskar.  I got a B minor harmonica
> because I liked the way it sounds.  I added another Hohner to my collection
> with what I had left.  Do you have any ideas on what songs sound good on the
> B minor?  I'm playing Greensleeves on it right now.  I would like to try
> something else today and like songs from around the world.
> Thanks,
> Josh King
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