Re: [Harp-L] B Minor harp songs

Now that Halloween is over (or was it the USA 4th of July?), 
the stores have been playing Holiday Christmas music. So 
now I have Christmas songs in my head.

A good song to try out on a Natural Minor harp is
"God Rest Ye Merry Gentleman", starting on the 2 draw,
playing in 2nd position, and you will need to use 2 and 3 draw
bends.  A Paddy Richter harp makes the song much easier, but I
like the NM harp and the 2nd position playing.

Other NM songs that come to mind are "Summertime" and
"When Johnny Comes Marching Home".

Notice the full major scale on the Natural Minor harp,
starting on the 3 draw and ending on 7 draw.

Jimi Lee mentioned this a couple of years ago at the Buckeye.

I have yet to actually spend enough time exploring "playing
the major key on a minor harp", but I hope to as it sounds
very interesting.

It would be nice to actually hear a song played in this manner.

Maybe Jimi Lee has a song like this recorded...

Does anyone know, or know of a song played this way ?

Ken H in OH

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> Subject: [Harp-L] b Minor harp songs
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> Date: Wednesday, November 12, 2008, 7:38 AM
> Hi guys,
> I blew my birthday money on my first Lee Oskar.  I got a B
> minor harmonica
> because I liked the way it sounds.  I added another Hohner
> to my collection
> with what I had left.  Do you have any ideas on what songs
> sound good on the
> B minor?  I'm playing Greensleeves on it right now.  I
> would like to try
> something else today and like songs from around the world.
> Thanks,
> Josh King
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