[Harp-L] newbie question

I am a newbie. I have been practicing for a year. There is a lot to
learn and with the help of harp-l, youtube and many reference books
(including harmonica for dummies, from which I especially find the
scales very useful.) I am slowly progressing. Up to now I have been a
lurker. But there is something about this awesome video by Christelle
that I definitely don't understand.

I thought I may have seen this type of thing before but I wasn't sure
and I didn't think it possible. Toward the end of this Albert King Blues
Style video, where you get a close up view, It appears that the high
notes are down on holes 1- 5 and the lower notes are on holes 6-10???
>From about (3:25 - 3:45). Which has me totally baffled. Can someone
please explain to my brain what I think my eyes are seeing?


Thanks, Dom


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