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Long throw slides (aka cross tuning) is standard on Hohner 16-hole chromatics (those made since about 1955), CX-12s and Chromettas. Suzuki uses cross tuning on several of its chromatic models in 12, 14 and 16 hole sizes - check their website for information.

Cross tuning refers to the fact that in this way of making a harmonica, you don't have all the key-of-C reeds on one reedplate and all the key-of-C# reeds on the other. Instead, they alternate between top and bottom reedplate - Hole 1 has C reeds on top, Hole 2 has C# reeds on top, etc.

As a result, the holes in the slider also alternate between top and bottom., so you see a sort of checkerboard pattern when you look into the row of holes. One a cross tuned slider, each hole can be wider as it doesn't have another hole immediately beside it; a wider hole make a bigger air passage to the reeds. However, wider slider holes also mean that you have to push the button farther in, and it must travel farther to return to the "out" position as well. hence the "long throw" term.

Some players feel that wider holes give bigger tone (personally, I find no difference, and I always go for a full, loud sound). 

Some players find that the longer throw slows them down and reduces the slider's sensitivity to nuance (I'm neutral on this, though personally, I find long throw setups are often leakier than short-throw ones).


Winslow Yerxa

Author, Harmonica For Dummies ISBN 978-0-470-33729-5

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I believe that the Chrometta has a long throw slide that opens up the entire
chamber of the chromatic harmonica and lets you lean on the reeds a lot more. 
Are there any other chromatics that have long throw slides, or give you the
desired feel of the reeds?

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