RE: [Harp-L] Blues in the Night -- singer with harps

It's good to know that he's a guitarist. I'm a fan of Katie Melua and
I've seen that clip before and it always bothered me. It's the classic
scenario where someone in the band who is probably world-class on one
instrument and plays "a little" harp gets to stand up in front of the
huge audiences that an act like that draws and perpetuate the ill
conceived notion of what our instrument sounds like. 

Again, the guy is probably an incredible guitarist, but to me that harp
playing didn't fit the song and was amateurish at best, it sounded like
something from our jam, didn't quite sound on key, etc. She probably had
him play it because it's a "blues" song and hence required "blues harp"
but it didn't come off well acoustic for me.

Just my opinion.

That said, Katie Melua sure is hot!


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The harp players name is Justin Sandercoe who is primarily a guitarist.
That tune can easily be played on one harp. I don't know why he would be
stacking harps it. It doesn't really seem to add anything to the

tom albanese

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> Here's an interesting video featuring some understate harp playing.
> Katie Melua and an unidentified harp player -- looks like stacked 
> harps to get all the notes in this blues-type song standard.
> Phil Lloyd
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