Re: [Harp-L] my first solo performance in Bristol/GB

Hi Ben,

An interesting exploration of the diatonic harmonica...

You've really made me think about sounds...

Dank u wel!



ben bouman wrote:
Hi all

here are some links to 4 short vids on Youtube where you can see /hear me doing my first solo performance.
I was asked to do so because there were a lot of chromatic harpplayers performing and I wanted just to show some more things you can do on a diatonic.
So i did some funny sounds, chords, vocalising through the harp etc etc....

this link is from a YouTube video where you can hear me , William Gallison and West Weston (GB) finishing of the night with a slow blues.

I used a beta-harp in low C for my solo... William ans West both played a chrom and West switched to diatonic near the end....

Ben Bouman
Ben Bouman
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