[Harp-L] Ray Tankersley



Ray Tankersley, an original Harmonica Rascal and tireless supporter of the
harmonica passed away October 27th, 2008  He was 87 years old and is
survived by his daughter Barbara and son Brad.  His wife Margie died some
years ago. Ray appeared prominently, playing harmonica, in the movie "Always
In My Heart" and others

Ray was a music educator, member of "Big Harp," and the "Sharp Harp." His
harmonica credits and harmonica life are well detailed in Al Smith's recent
book "Confessions of Harmonica Addicts."

To me personally, this is a great loss as I have known Ray for 53 years and
he is the one who taught me harmonica and responsible for my harmonica
musical career.  He started teaching me when I was 15 in San Francisco..oh
how long ago, lol. 

He will be remembered. 





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