[Harp-L] Please stop


Please stop posting on this topic. fjm asked you twice by now to 
return to the topic of this list which is "all things harmonica". 
Myself i responded  unconcerned and in anger. I'm really sorry for 
that, since i should have known better. Please read fjm's posting 
carefully and if you feel, that you still have to post on this topic, 
do so in private mail, as both steve and me should have done from the 

Running a list like this is no easy task. You'll expected to virtually 
read everything and cool things down in cases of the kind we're 
experiencing right now.
Respecting the authority of the list owner AND respecting the policy  
emited in a forethought manner is a win for everybody. It ensures, 
that the list accomplisheds it's task, rather than disgusting people.

It extremly drains motivation, if members fail to show that small 
amount of respect for the time and work the list owner, thats requied 
to withdraw yourself from unwanted topics. I know that pretty much 
myself, as i'm involved in running a harmonica mailing list, too.

Thank you fjm for your dedication on making this mailing list a great 
place for everybody interested in all things harmonica.


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