Good on you 'all' HarpL folk. 
As a keen blues harmonica player songwriter and 'very low paid' working musician I think it's important to look at the word 'politics' realistically. It ain't a dirty word.
Thank heavens any harmonica gear I bought from the U.S. was before this terrible credit crunch scare.
Indeed, the U.S affects us all on planet Earth hugely, right down to the violent gun toting murders we have to endure on television as entertainment night after night and our own disintegrating currency attached to the USD to the terrific creativity,music and sense of freedom Americans aspire to be about. 
Last I heard it was a 'free speech democratic life' we're all living in. 
'Tip toeing around  the ' elephant in the room' without the voice of 'dissenting opinion' seems ridiculously dishonest and shallow.
All power to Christelle's joyous YouTube clip she obviously celebrates your nations common sense and courage to embrace, hopefully a change which can help the world heal and unite at a very imperative time. It's a huge historic occurrence and anyone who truly understands 'the blues' would obviously be amazed to see a Negro reach the U.S Presidency after the history of inequality 'all our countries' have displayed in the past.
Thanks HarpL for being a great bunch of enthusiasts who hopefully aren't narrow minded and overly sensitive. Harmonica players around the world are indeed 'real' people with real lives and real and often very 'trying' experiences. 
As a performer I'm not just interested in 'mechanics/techniques of harmonica'! I'm interested in the links and connections we have as people with a creative interest which helps us communicate with each-other more than many have the chance. No matter what country we come from we have a deep humanity and love of our instrument and the joy of music.
As Pete Townshend said in 2004 " ...we identified with the music of guys like John Lee Hooker, Bo Diddley, Ray Charles and many others because it was the music of 'abandonment and about becoming a survivor'..." The music I play is about the realities of life not the shutting off from life and loving. All power, peace and love for America and the world oh...and a lot less paranoia and hypocrisy hopefully.

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