I wasn't impressed with either candidate and I never post anything but Harp
related stuff , BUT
Christelle, you know little about a free country because you live in a
Socialized country and I, personally, feel a bit offended that someone from
another country should tell me or any other American that we voted for the
wrong person and post it here with a link stating so.  Very interesting that
you think someone who's known to hang out with an unrependant terrorist,
William Ayers- who set off a bomb in one of our US Government offices, is
OUR right man for president.  By the way, CHristelle, Barak's  head
political advisor was the president of Freddie Mac, WHO MADE A WOPPING 90
MILLION DOLLARS in the last 6 years from the housing market and now our
housing market is in a shambles due to unregulated loans, which was blocked
from being investigated on by Chris Dodd and Barney Frank.  Both of whom
received political donations from WHO?  The president of Freddie
Mac.  Americans have the right to  enjoy  who they voted for should their
man win, but you don't.
Shame on you, Christelle!

I will not reply, so for me this is done with.

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> The title says all
> Please watch this:
> Christelle Berthon
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fattest tone on earth!

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