Re: [Harp-L] New Hohner star theory

Mine looks like white plastic.  I don't know if the plastic is original or
not.  Yeah, 1803 seems to be an odd year unless it was someone's
birthday...I think it was a bad 9 stamp.  Mine came with the case as well.
IT's a brown paisley looking case that matches the comb design.
An old friend of mine brought this thing out about 15 years ago after a surf
session and handed it to me and I gave her a draw and sucked in a dead dried
out moth.  I gave it back to him and about 8 years later he said he had
something for me and to meet him out front.  He said it's mine and it came
with a "Phil Harmonica" lesson book completely written by hand not typed.
It's dedicated to playing the Chromatic and I have yet to give it a thorough
once over.  It had very useful info when I did look at it a few years back.
The book was from 1976.

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> Same with mine, though I'm quite sure it reads 1893, because on mine the 9
> is clearly readable, but the 3 is almost completely missing.
> I got mine today from a good friend who wanted to throw it away. It was the
> instrument of his grandpa.
> What do the windsavers on your harmonica look like? Mine look like leather
> or cardboard or something like that.
> Unfortunately the comb has a crack at hole 7. I think I'll have to search
> for the thread with that topic that was on the list a few months ago. I'd
> damn sure like to play that beauty. I think I'll clean the mouthpiece
> tomorrow and give her a nice gentle try...
> steve warner schrieb:
>> ...
>> All I know is that I have a 6 point star 16 hole Chromonika III in good
>> working condition and I'm not letting that puppy go.  I know Allan Holmes
>> has one and someone else I met had one.  I'm not sure if all 16's are like
>> mine so I'll post what's on it as far as date stamps that most refer to
>> Grand Prix.  There's 1926, 1927, 1937 and what appears to be 1803, but it
>> may be a bad 9 stamp as there is a slight line under the bottom of the
>> round
>> part of the number, which may be a 9.   Kind of like a hangin' chad.

fattest tone on earth!

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