Re: [Harp-L] New Hohner star theory

Same with mine, though I'm quite sure it reads 1893, because on mine the 9 is clearly readable, but the 3 is almost completely missing.
I got mine today from a good friend who wanted to throw it away. It was the instrument of his grandpa.

What do the windsavers on your harmonica look like? Mine look like leather or cardboard or something like that.

Unfortunately the comb has a crack at hole 7. I think I'll have to search for the thread with that topic that was on the list a few months ago. I'd damn sure like to play that beauty. I think I'll clean the mouthpiece tomorrow and give her a nice gentle try...

steve warner schrieb:
All I know is that I have a 6 point star 16 hole Chromonika III in good
working condition and I'm not letting that puppy go.  I know Allan Holmes
has one and someone else I met had one.  I'm not sure if all 16's are like
mine so I'll post what's on it as far as date stamps that most refer to
Grand Prix.  There's 1926, 1927, 1937 and what appears to be 1803, but it
may be a bad 9 stamp as there is a slight line under the bottom of the round
part of the number, which may be a 9.   Kind of like a hangin' chad.

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