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Interesting, Jeff.
A pinch off the topic, but going Nuclear has got me interested in your

I"ve got several HiZ ones laying around and only 2 have hot output and
neither are hotter than any USA CM I've ever had.   THe shrill factor was
unbearable unless ran through a very warm amp, although, I've had so many
hot USA CM's over the years that I haven't bothered given them my sneaky
warming up mods.  Next on my list of to do's.  Of course with a loud and
warm amp one can just turn it up, but the crunch factor is something I've
never heard in a Mex CM like the USA CM's have.  (I'm getting that mad
scientist feeling again since I have so many laying around and I have an

A friend of mine bought a custom mic from a fairly well known guy with a
Mexican CM with a high 1.48K ohms (I don't pay attention to the ohm rating
in the majority of CM''s all in the ears), but the output on the HI Z
side was only about 60% of a good USA CM with no crunch factor
whatsoever......go figure.  You Hi Z a Low Z CM and you'll get about 1.9K
but they just don't have the usual screamin' parameters that the HiZ vintage
ones do, but I do know a sneaky little secret with oddball tranny's.
***One exception I've found in terms of screamin' output is one oddball CM
99H561 1H  I have that's about as hot as it gets when HiZ'd......I kept that

You read Dave Kott's info and he'll tell you that he can't hear much
difference in the Mex and the USA.   If he's right then the quality control
must be such a crapshoot that one never knows what he's going to get with
those Mex CM's.   I've never had one even close to any of my custom USA CR's
and CM's, Dynamics, Crystals or Ceramic mics....ever... and that's why when
somebody sends me a mic with a Mex CM they just tell me to keep the
element.....and I keep them as one can never have enough elements.   Back to
the Laboratory......LOL

On Sun, Nov 2, 2008 at 5:05 AM, Jeffrey Spoor <jeffrey@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>wrote:

> Jim,
> If you are using an early 90's green bullet with a Mexican Shure CM element
> instead of the current Mexican Dynamic element, that is why you're having NO
> problem cutting through the guitar player.  They have powerful highs and are
> a little thin on the bottom end but blast straight through on the highs.
> I just answered an email this morning concerning the same thing.  I've got
> several mics with that same element in them and they ALL can go nuclear if
> needed...........:)
> Jeff
> I use a Mexican green bulet and Lee Oskar harps. I need much less of an amp
> than the guitarist. 9 watts can be too loud in most small bars. I use a
> 2x12
> speaker cab.
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