Re: [Harp-L] amplification question

I use the same amp for both. I'd love to have dedicated amps for both, but I can't afford it. You can get by with a smaller amp for either if your amps are being mic'd into the board.

The amp I use has two separate input channels, and I have a different pre-amp tube in the one I use for harp (lower gain). So far it has been plenty loud without the PA for both uses.

Drew Ross wrote:
I've been playing for many years, but I'm finally getting toward amplified
harp now that I'm finally learning guitar, too. My question is whether a
harmonica through a microphone would tend to need a more powerful amp than
an electric guitar. I'm picturing two scenarios, one in which it is just a
guitar and harp, each through an amp, and a second in which there is a
larger band (bass, drums, maybe piano). I imagine that the answer may still
be "it depends," but generally, which instrument needs the more powerful
amp? Does it depend on the harp mic or the type of guitar?
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