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> Date: Thu, 31 Jan 2008 08:46:16 -0500> From: 46long@xxxxxxxxx> To: megashifty@xxxxxxxxxxx > I think the answer to this is complicated and will be disappointing if> you're looking to imitate it, because my understanding is that he designed> / built his own effects contraption and was potentially looking to market> it? Am I wrong on this? Someone who knew him / his rig must be listening.> > - Blake> > On Jan 31, 2008 5:37 AM, joe glover <megashifty@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:> > >> > Hi all,> >> > i am interested in what effects Paul Delay is using in two of the songs> > from his album Heavy Rotation, the two songs being> >> > givin up the body> >> > and> >> > it isn't easy being big> >> > any info on what pedals he is using would be great!
When I met Paul at SPAH in 1996 he was using a ZOOM effects unit.
It was about the size of a Walkman. Now, we can't be sure that he was not just using higher quality studio versions of the same effects type. Maybe the ZOOM was his portable live rig.
He had it inside of his harp case (anvil style briefcase.) It was wired to in/out jacks on the outside of the case. He either plugged it into an amp or the PA.
He called it his "Space Case." I think that is what he was talking about marketing, maybe in jest.
What a great guy and player he was.Michael Peloquin http://www.harpsax.com

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