Re: [Harp-L] ....that's why they call it the blues

Warren Bee <wlb@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Oh well, another chapter in the Warren Bee saga has closed. The so called
friends I was doing business with have decided to bend me over and stick it
where the sun don't shine. It really hurts to put so much heart and soul
into something and have it fall apart.

i'm sorry to hear you're faced with another setback. but a wise man once said, on this very list: "I would rather be a broke harp guy with a dream than to ever work another day for the man again."

you still have your dream, my friend.

-- Optimism and pessimism don't exist for me. I'm a blues man. I am a prisoner of hope. I'm going to die full of hope. - Cornel West

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