RE: [Harp-L] using the kx1200 keyboard amp's monitor out as a line out?

Eugene Ryan <ryan.eugene@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:


I have that same Behringer Kx1200 amp.  I've also found it can be hard
to hear when using an amp modeller as input when the rest of the band
is seriously cranked up.  Watch the hearing!

my rig is: audix fireball V > samson airline 77 wireless > rp250 > PA and i had lots of problems getting enough volume out. i started playing at a jam that had an actual sound guy last fall, and he told me that he wasn't getting enough signal for me to be heard in the mix. so i got one of those ART Tube MP preamps and added it to the chain between the rp250 and the PA, and life is bliss. not only does it boost the levels so i get decent sound, but when i want to travel light i bring just mic, a mic cable, and the ART and play that through the PA, using the ART to dial in some of that "warm tube sound", whatever that means.

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