Re: [Harp-L] Sanitary technology

Robert Ross wrote:
I've been using an inexpensive ozone generator bought on eBay

I created and wrote a big website and manual for a company that was selling a very full-featured air purifier. The product had an ozonator in there as part of the feature set. While they were researching the ozone feature they learned some appalling stuff about ozone and had me do a significant rewrite on the manual.

The main warning was that neither you nor your pets should ever be in the room while the ozone generator was operating, nor for several hours afterward. Apparently while ozone does a terrific job of disinfecting stuff and destroying the organic causes of bad odors, that same destructive job is done on any living tissue including your lungs.

The state of California is actually making some moves toward banning ozone generators, and the company I did the writing work for is actively trying to get their supplier to remove the ozone feature from its product.

This is all to say, whilst infusing ozone into water (if any really is staying in the water) you might want to presume that much of that ozone is going into the room air, and that you should not be in the room while you're doing that stuff, or for four hours afterward.

If disinfecting is what you are after, I have a suggestion backed by anecdotal evidence and provided here by a guy who doesn't even have a degree in harmonica playing, much less science: try hydrogen peroxide. I have heard that that stuff disinfects.

I know it's true because I heard someone say it.


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