[Harp-L] Sanitary technology / Harp Movies

I've been using an inexpensive ozone generator bought on eBay to
super-saturate water with ozone, then soak harps for about 10 - 15
min. without heat. This one is typical, just search on eBay for ozone
generator. You want one that works like a fishtank air pump - you get
plastic tubes and a ceramic aerator on one end that you just plop
into a bowl of water:

Also, I recently found a baby sanitizer device at a thrift shop that
uses hot air to sterilize baby items in about 20 min. Haven't tried
it yet. This item has been discontinued but one is currently
available on eBay. Here is an old website about it, followed by the
eBay link:



As for movies about blues harp, don't forget the 1998 Japanese flick
about a Yakazu harp playing drug dealer. I haven't seen this one and
don't know where it may be available...couldn't find it on
Blockbuster (thery have several good blues harp tutorial DVDs
though). I:

I have seen Shultze Gets the Blues, though, and it is a great flick,
though not specifically harp related I recommend it highly:

- Robert Ross

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