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Just to clarify, Seydel makes your special request harps in whatever seems the best way. They may make the entire harp from scratch, or just build it with some different reeds, or possibly retune a reed.

Paddy Richter tuning, available in stock in Session and Favorite models, is not "retuned" from a standard harp, but is made with that one reed different. The stock available different tunings are all made that way, not retuned from a standard richter harp. So for example when the website calls chromatics in keys other than C "retuned", it does not mean that they retune a C to create the harps (G, A, Bb, D, etc....). They build them with the proper reeds in the other key (some of the translations from German to English need some understanding).

When a special request is made, they plug it into their data base of reeds, slots etc. and determine whether the harp can be made, how long it will take and how much it will cost. Then you have the option of ordering it (no obligation). SO if you do want a solo tuning in G, or anything else, I encourage you to go to the "specialities" page on the website and fill out a request.

Best wishes,

Rupert Oysler

David Payne wrote:
I have had this come up before before for a customer, Seydel will retune its harps to anything possible. I think you could get your D, but not the G solo tuned. I asked about retuning the Solo tuned Solist Pro harps to another key once. If I remember correctly, they could do a Bb, B, Db or D out of one of the Solo tuned Cs, but that was as far as they could go and solo tuning one of the Steve-Baker-type harps wasn't an option because of the low octave reeds would have to be lowered too much. . They were looking at more keys for the 12-hole harps, but they were developing this when the 1847 came up and they shifted gears to the 1847. I don't know if they will be making more later or not, I can only guess, but it will probably be a while with the 1847 whirlwind taking off like it has.

But, when you are talking about retuning a 12-hole harp, for that price of retuning one of those, you'd be better off with a Chromatic DeLuxe for your G solo tuning. They are $100, 12-hole solo tuned in any key, plus push the button in and you have a bonus Ab solo tuned harp. It's a really tight chromatic.
Dave Payne Sr. Elk River Harmonicas, Seydel, Hohner, custom harmonicas

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Hi Ken,
Thank you very much for this kind encouragement. I am pretty sure that
Seydel make the 12 hole Solist in solo tuned version, because I have a hazy
memory of a review of it in the Seydel Newsletter and they even gave music
clips illustrating the different tunings. If I can recover the link I will
send it to you. No doubt Rupert Oysler would be able to tell us whether they
do or not. When I had the good fortune to meet Igor Flach, Seydel's "Man in
Berlin" a month or two ago he gave me to understand that Seydel can supply
any tuning you want and usually not at a huge premium. The snag with the 12
hole Solist as I remember was that it only came in C. Perhaps I could
persuade them to supply me with one in G or D "at a modest premium".
Thanks for that tip about Lee Oskars. I shall invest in a pair as you
suggest at the earliest opportunity. Unfortunately my wife has taken to all
but frisking me every time  I come out of the music store, as she can't
figure out how one man can never seem to have enough harmonicas.
Yes I have Rupert Oyslers DVD - It is a must have! Sadly all I am short of
is actually doing it.

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