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"Aongus MacCana"wrote:
<My weapon of choice for Irish music is a G Chromatic (Which I realise <is a very "cissie" way of getting the necessary notes)I am beginning to <wonder whether the Seydel 12 hole Solist - solo tuned - might not be a <more cost effective alternative - if it was available in G and if I <could only learn how to bend?

Dude, what's sissy about using a G chromatic to play Irish music? As I recall, there's an extended piece by Brendan Power in the Harp-L archives that discusses using a G chromatic with slide turned upside down (to make the accidentals easier to get) to play Irish music.

One of the big lessons of the blues is: get it any way you can. In my iopinion, that's a good lesson to carry into every part of one's life. And in particular, I never ceased to be amazed when people apologize for doing anything the easy way. Life and music are hard enough as it is.

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