RE: [Harp-L] overblows vs half valving

> Date: Mon, 21 Jan 2008 11:50:47 -0800> To: Harp-L@xxxxxxxxxx> Okay. So you say, that overblowing is more popular> than playing valved diatonics because first of all> Howard Levy, then Jason Ricci and P.T. Gazell is> playing overblows. Okay. This means that the only> reason is, that there are some great players, who are> already using this technique, and it creates> popularity. Then > somebody must master the same thing on valved> diatonics, and it will be equally popular. Or?
maybe this point was missed:
Overblowing utilizes the basic 10 hole harmonica. All of the unbent and conventionally bent notes sound the same.
This is not true on a half valved diatonic. There is a different sound and decidedly different feel to each note.
Also, after playing overblows for a few years, there is a different layout in my head. Valved bends seem non-intuitive to me now.
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