Re: [Harp-L] overblows vs half valving

Actually Tim Moyer is saying that PT Gazell does not overblow, he is the leading valve player.  Tim is saying that people can make a case for both styles of playing.
  Michael Rubin

Zombor Kovacs <zrkovacs@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
  Okay. So you say, that overblowing is more popular
than playing valved diatonics because first of all
Howard Levy, then Jason Ricci and P.T. Gazell is
playing overblows. Okay. This means that the only
reason is, that there are some great players, who are
already using this technique, and it creates
popularity. Then 
somebody must master the same thing on valved
diatonics, and it will be equally popular. Or?

--- Tim Moyer wrote:

> Jon Clark wrote (on overblows vs half-valving):
> > Listen to Jason and ask no more.
> Or listen to P.T. Gazell for an equally convincing
> counterargument...
> -tim
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