[Harp-L] Re: Shaker Madcat Microphone bass response.

On Jan 20, 9:21 am, "Chris Canning" <chriscann...@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> That would be fantastic thank you Chuck. But take your time, the harmonica
> world is not going to collapse if I don't work this out immediately.

Yup, speed's never been one of my strong points anyhow.    I figure
offering up a clip of the mic is the best way to let you hear it and
form your own opinion.    I've bought ,.....oh.... a FEW pieces of
gear over the years by listening to other folks opinions, just to find
out that it wasn't the right gear for my tastes( not all was bad
though).   On the subject of EQ'ing, Sonny's got good advice on that
one.  I used to have a Boss GE7 , and it did help to cut out the
feedback frequency and shape tone, plus had a volume capability as
well.  I was happy with that, but then I got hold of a Rocktron Micro-
Hush (older plastic model). It works good at controlling feedback too,
so  I traded the GE7 for a nice bullet mic then.  Anyway, I'm
starting  to ramble , so I'll sign off and give you a shout whenever
the clip is done bro.


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