[Harp-L] Re: Shaker Madcat Microphone bass response.

Chuck said about the Harmonica Honker Mics,

>They are the best mics I have owned or played thru.
>If you'd like, I'll try to get an audio or video clip together so you
>can have a listen for yourself.

That would be fantastic thank you Chuck. But take your time, the harmonica
world is not going to collapse if I don't work this out immediately.

Also Sonny said;

>Chris, my personal best solution for you would be to buy a Boss GE7 EQ,
this way you can dial up the bottom end.

Thank you Sonny for your advice, and I will do some study on this option,
especially as it come from you. I must admit being confused though. Will an
EQ compensate for response lacking in a mic? I guess this is correct as you
can sculpt sound quite a lot with EQ . It is probably that you actually are
removing all the other frequencies slightly so the sound is more rounded in
the Basses favour. Does that sound right to anyone?

Chris Canning Melb Aus 

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