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  I don't know if the OC-3 is what you want.  According to Jason (check his new video on gear) the OC-3 won't behave as the OC-2 does.  I guess the additional compression from the OC-2 was considered a negative, and Boss "fixed" the problem in the OC-3.  I have never compared the two pedals, but OC-2's are easily found on ebay.
  Dan G.
Blueharp1@xxxxxxx wrote:
Sounds like you're going for a use similar to Jason's on the octave pedal. 
It does work well in its (unintended) role as a compressor, with mix turned 
all the way up and octaves all the way down. As an Octave device, it tracks 
notes and chords quite well, which most similar devices don't. An exception is 
the pricey ElectroHarmonix POG, which tracks almost perfectly, or the even 
pricier but highly versatile HOG. Each of those brings many octaves, intervals 
and options to the table.
No problem going mic-to-effects-to-amp with your setup. It'll be just the 
same as going mic-to-amp. You probably already use an mic impedance converter 
when you plug direct into the amp; so just plug into your 1st effect pedal 
just as you would kusually plug into the amp input. Then 1/4 inch cord out of 
that effect and into the next. And 1/4" out of that one and into your amp.
Experiment a little with the order of your effects pedals in a line. I 
usually use delay as the last effect in a chain. Then again, "bizarre" can be a 
good thing. My first girlfriend, for instance.....well, that's another thread.

Jeff Gathercole
Denver CO

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Was curious to see if anyone owns the OC-3 or has tried it and what their 
thoughts about it are. I'm looking into buying one both for the octave 
and sort of a compressor/preamp type thing. My mic is an EV-RE10...and the 
being a Blues Jr. modified for harp w/a vintage Jensen P12R...if that makes 
any difference.
Also, a very elementary question, but since I'm just begining w/effects, I'm do you run the mic through two effect pedals into the amp at 
the same time? In my case, it would be the OC-3 and the DD-3 delay.
Thank You,

Austin Shifflett

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