Re: [Harp-L] Sick of it

Yeah, I'm pretty sick of it too.

-The constant running soap opera that infests this email list.

-The constant pleading for sympathy because of health issues.  Hey, we all
have health issues, we just don't cry about them in public all the time.

-The obnoxious replies to anyone who does not share enthusiasm for a certain
person and his products.

-The announcement that a product line was ending (because of health, of
course), only to be followed a few weeks later by a surprise
announcement that the product line was to continue, thereby cheating the
people who bought the product thinking they were getting the last ones.

-The long, rambling screeds whose only points seem to be to constantly
remind us that the writer is ill and desperate.

Yes, I'm sick of all that.  If that gets me booted from the list, so be it.
I'll miss everything except what I have noted here.

Look, as I said, we all have personal challenges, and we all have financial
challenges.  I, too, am an entrepreneur and I know the pressures.  But I try
to present a completely professional face to my clients.  Vendors who fish
in this pool of potential customers owe us a degree of dignity and respect
for the forum.  I don't want to know if Gary O. has taken his medication or
not.  I just want to discuss all things harmonica.


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