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Quality comes with a high price tag. Same can be said of the BOSE L1, 2  
systems, which I have found to be head and shoulders above anything else for  
small, mid and even a few big venues. However, BOSE is constantly criticized for  
being expensive. Sure, if you took apart a system and priced the components, 
you  are paying a lot for the equipment. What many fail to factor in is the R&D 
 behind the product, which is expensive.
Sonny Jr is similar in his product.
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buy it,  if you can't afford it but still want it, save and buy it.  This  
particular topic touches a nerve with me. Over the years I have had folks  
complain about the "high costs" of my quality handmade US made products (cases  
aren't all I do).  I make all the products I sell myself and do my very  best to 
get the finest materials available.  I don't use imported cheap  leather, I 
use the best I can get.  I also GUARANTEE my products FOR  LIFE.......that's not 
a cheap  investment. 

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