Re: Re: [Harp-L] M-Audio MicroTrack Question

Tim Moyer <wmharps@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

The Microtrack uses CompactFlash cards to record, so this should not
consume any more power than the Zoom.  Everyone relating their
experience has stated that their Microtrack originally delivered 3
to 4 hours of record time, then after a year or so it degraded to
less than an hour.

just as a point of reference, the rechareable battery in my minidisc recorder just failed, after a similar pattern of degrading over time. it got so it wouldn't hold any charge at all, though you could still use it with its external power pack (AA batteries).

but it was no big deal replacing it online, since it was replaceable. M-Audio made a huge design error when they did that. and failing to pay attention to the problem when users complain is unconscionable, let alone just poor business practice. nothing like alienating your user base.

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